Most important applications for production

One of the most used applications in joining technologies is the welding application. In addition to the assembly of ordinary parts, it’s also used in safety critical products, especially in the manufacturing industry. It’s very important to make the welding correctly for the healthy use of the products. If the wrong welded product or the wrong welding is not detected, it can cause serious problems in the future. As High-Tech Group, we take care of welding your products correctly with our expert team.

  • Cracks
  • Porosity
  • Undercut
  • Overlap
  • Weldburn
  • Spatter
  • Off Location

100% Control and Full Traceability

We carry out product studies to measure the product areas that are welded at the same speed as your production and to increase the quality of the weld. Also we develop products for closing the cracks and pores of your products. Problems with source errors that may occur in the future are prevented with that. Weld burns and wrong positions are also found out with the products we have developed. We do full traceability and 100% control in welding controls. With the power of Industry 4.0, we take further what we can do to the next level.

You can keep the source quality information visually and dimensionally in the database for each product you produce with our R&D studies. Thus you can check the quality information retrospectively, and can check as a company. With this service, you can see the changes in your product parameters in your production as well as the manufacturing errors and examine this data. The developed system with the latest technology, provides all the information according to the database structure suitable for your information processing infrastructure of our company. You can benefit from our service with digitally supported technological products during the control phase of your products.


Control the Quality of Your Production

You can change all the parameters of your welded production from the interface of the system and your entire production will be under control. You can cancel and manage the controls you want at any time.