There is no success in the work that quality is not controlled

Controlling the products which you produce automatically without being dependent on humans and regularly recording data means controlling your entire production line. We increase your profitability and production quality by controlling the produced products 100% at the end of the line or in the intermediate control areas. We are trying to create the most reasonable solutions for your company by offering special solutions according to your budget, cycle time, technology of your automation lines and the sensitivity of your product.

With the system we have developed as High-Tech Group, we control your products effectively and quickly at many points, eliminating human-induced errors. You will gain an edge over your competitors with the 3D visual quality control process and also can reduce operational costs. With our 3D visual quality control system, you can ensure the traceability of your products by storing data.

  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Surface Control
  • Weld/Seal Inspection
  • Piece Presence/Absence

We have different products for your problem

QCheck Scan

You can inspect your product on conveyor or with one axis mechanism

QCheck Shot

You can control everything really fast with one shot

Qcheck Ultimate

If you have complex product to inspection, this is the best solution

QCheck Safe

Inspect the product anywehere you want and safely with collaborative robot

3D Inspection Method

High-Tech Group, to be able to control the products you produce automatically without being dependent on people and to save your data regularly, allows you to control your entire production line. With our 3D control method, your products are controlled without being affected by environmental conditions such as light like with standard 2D cameras. Also there is no need calibration becuase our method is not using pixels for the inspection.

The 3D visual quality control process is an intelligent system that can control without the need for human power, thanks to image processing computer technologies, optics, software-electronic engineering and industrial automation components. It is a high-tech whole that can perform image processing-based analysis, especially in applications such as error / defect control, process control, precision measurement, testing and product counting of your products.

Pre-Engineering & Simulation

We devote a lot of time to pre-engineering to provide the most suitable solution and product for your needs. We examine and test your products in every detail in the test areas in our own field, and then we offer you our solution.

You can use our company's 3D visual control service in:

  • Wood quality control of your products
  • Packaging control of your products
  • Labeling control of your products
  • Medical product's bottle control of your products
  • Serial number control of your products
  • Food packaging control of your products
  • 3D surface measurement of your products
  • Dimensional Inspection

  • The 3D visual quality control application developed by our company, your products are controlled and measured professionally, increasing your product efficiency. If you want to achieve success, you should definitely check the quality of the products while moving towards this goal.