Automation Solutions

As High-Tech Group, we stand by our customers at every stage of automation systems with our robot applications, from the pre-engineering and design stage to the end of the project. By listening to your demands for your manufacturing products, we serve you to meet your needs in accordance with the conditions of the day. By providing the most suitable solutions for your demands, we make your production more efficient and make your products auditable by controlling them.

We offer solutions in mechanical, electromechanical, process controls and controlled wireless data transmission within our project consultancy services. We provide professional services in the reporting of software such as HMI, SCADA, RFID, PLC. We also keep our service prices in the most appropriate way to minimize costs. Our principle in project consultancy services with our business partners is to ensure reliable and long-term operability.

  • Welding Process
  • Handling Process
  • Palletizing
  • Bin-Picking
  • Milling
  • Press Line
  • Laser Cladding/Hardening
  • Custom Machines

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Pre-Engineering & Simulation

We provide engineering and technical support of your productions and projects together with our experts and our technological products. The emergence of Industry 4.0 and the associated rise in automation have a decisive influence on the industrial sector and its applications. It supports you with robot applications that offer a number of advantages to take control of your industry needs. Robotic applications offer you wide working envelopes, high speed, precision, ability to withstand any environment.

The robots you will use in product production offer greater dexterity and flexibility. Various mounting configurations (floor, wall, ceiling) allow the robot to be integrated into the production line. With our robot applications, you can easily carry out product assembly, transport of intermediate materials, product packaging and product palletization. With robot applications, all stages that need to be done in the production processes of manufacturing products are easily provided to our customers with digital support.