Increase production and profit

with vision and robotic solutions

Take Control of Your Production Quality for Success

The last and most important stage of the mass production you produce is that the products are produced correctly and under control. You can complete the reporting process by retrospectively documenting that each product you produce with Hitegro software is produced correctly and the necessary controls are made.

Controlling the production of the products provides you with many different solutions depending on your budget, cycle time, production tolerance and layout. You can have control on products with robot applications, external axes, 3D visual control and our industrial software solutions.

with Hitegro;

  • Instant full control of your products.
  • 100% Control and traceability.
  • High precision controlling.
  • You can easily control it by using more suitable cycle times.

Would you like to walk away with us in a solution-oriented process with a better production quality?

QCheck Scan

You can inspect your product on conveyor or with one axis mechanism

QCheck Shot

You can control everything really fast with one shot

Qcheck Ultimate

If you have complex product to inspection, this is the best solution

QCheck Safe

Inspect the product anywhere you want and safely with collaborative robot

If you have a welding application in your production, you must have the control.

If there is a welding application in the production of the products you produce and you cannot control the welding points of the product, it can lead to bad results for you and the end user. If the weld points are in a visible area and are important for appearance, burn and spatter defects are may seen in productions. Be sure to report past datas in your welded productions. You must inspect your production in detail and with high precision. As Hitegro, we provide services with our special project products, such as welding application, transport application, palletizing application, Bin-Picking application, processing application and press line, laser coating / hardening and special machines.

Report Historical Data
High Speed Inspection
High Accuray Inspection

Turnkey Projects

Welding Process

Handling Process




Press Line

Laser Cladding/Hardening

Custom Machines

You Dream, We Come True by Software

Don't you desire your work to be done automatically with computer support by having the software that you asked? It is a fact that everything is done with technological and hardware devices in the developing world. However, if you do not identify the software related to the work and data you want to the devices, it will not be useful for you. That's why, tell us what you want and we will present it to you as software. In this way, you can perform data analysis, data collection and control in a reliable way without being dependent on people.

We can bring a new perspective to your production line for you. You will have a highly manageable and understandable system which gives you all kinds of advantages with 3D software. Such that, you will not experience a production loss without compromising on an error-free production and quality.