High-Tech Group

Including High-Tech Group production; structuring digital transformation in all operations, developing new business models and ways of working, producing high-tech solutions in the fields of robotics and visual inspection, focusing on the digital transformation of institutions and organizations with strategic industry 4.0 applications, aiming to increase the efficiency and satisfaction of our customers.

We are always at your side with our high-tech service that supports digital transformation with software technologies in new business models. As High-Tech Group, our aim is to bring digital convenience to the business life and production industry with the developing technology. We offer world-class quality and affordable products in accordance with the wishes of our customers with our R&D studies and the best equipment.

We do our work with a focus on protecting our natural environment, respecting people and the environment during our service. We follow policies to reduce waste and the use of natural resources by contributing to recycling. Our company is constantly working with an innovative and creative approach in accordance with legal regulations and procedures. We always go beyond ourselves and enter innovative searches and provide you with the latest technology services.

As High-Tech Group, the transactions within our fields of activity are listed as follows.

  • Innovation
  • Pre-Engineering & Analysis
  • 7/24 Service
  • Employee Development

Consultancy services are also provided to our customers, especially by creating sample production lines in manufacturing industry businesses. While we provide all kinds of support in the product development stages of the businesses, we are always with the businesses with our expert staff.